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XML An Experimental Investigation of Spark Ignition Engine Fueled with Ethanol/Iso-octane and Methanol/Iso-octane Fuel Blends
S. K. Kamboj , M. N. Karimi
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Experimental Investigations about the Effect of New Combination of Biofuels on Simultaneous Reduction Of NOx and Smoke Emissions in DI-Diesel Engine
M. Iranmanesh
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML MANFIS Based Modeling and Prediction of the Driver-Vehicle Unit Behavior in Overtaking Scenarios
A. Ghaffari , A. Khodayari, F. Alimardani, H. Sadati
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Numerical Investigation in the Effect of Number of Nozzle Hole on Performance and Emission in Dual Fuel Engine
B. Jafari , D. Domiri Ganji
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML A Full-Cycle 3 Dimensional Numerical Simulation of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine
S. Jafarmadar , M. Khanbabazadeh
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Optimum Tailor-welded Blank Design Using Deformation Path Length of Boundary Nodes
A. Fazli
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Closed-form solution for peak crushing force of the S-rails
A. Khalkhali , V. Agha Hosseinali Shirazi, M. Mohseni Kabir
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
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